Welcome to the Affiliate Program!

Welcome to the LGA Affiliate program. This program has the goal of disseminating the two main foundational aspects of a high performing Lean Manufacturing line: the Design of Mixed Model Lines, and the Design of Mixed Model Materials Replenishment Systems. We will refer to these as Mixed Model Line Design (MMLD) and Mixed Model Material Management (MMMM).

These two subjects are key foundations in establishing a production line that will perform at the highest levels, deliver a mix of products to customer demand in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost, and with the highest quality. Trying to improve an existing poorly designed line will only get you so far, which is to say very far from perfection. For a manufacturer concerned with dominating the marketplace, the golden key is to start with a line that was designed to perform at high levels. 

Who is Leonardo Group Americas?

Lean Manufacturing consultants and trainers since 1998.
Trained and mentored hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals.
Offices in the United States and Germany. Specialize in Line Design and Material Management.
We offer professional training and certification in Line Design and Material Management.

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What is the LGA Affiliate Program?

The LGA Affiliate Program is a program by which an independent consulting practice distributes courses and programs (products) designed and owned by LGA. The products are centered on Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Management.

Program Basics

  • Affiliate = Lean Consulting Company
  • Product Offerings = Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Management
  • Training and Certification Options

Benefits for Affiliates

  • 40% Commission on sales.
  • Build client base.
  • Expand consulting opportunities, with 100% of follow-on business.
  • Develop in-house Lean Design skills.
  • Access to LGA-developed marketing materials and methods.

What Do We Teach?

Mixed Model Line Design

  • Focused on product flow.
  • Roadmap: Designing the perfect Value Stream
  • Tools: Standard Work, Takt Time, In Process Kanbans, Resource Calculations, Line Balancing, Product Family Definition, Conceptual Layout, Optimizing Changeovers

Mixed Model Material Management

  • Focused on material flow.
  • Roadmap: Designing a world-class material management system.
  • Tools: Plan For Every Part, Designing Delivery Routes, Kanban Pull Methods, Inventory Accuracy, Containerization, Conveyance Methods

Lean Hospital

  • Focused on hospital value streams.
  • Roadmap: Designing Lean value streams for targetted hospital departments.
  • Tools: Value Stream Mapping, Long Improvement Database, Improvement Database, Identifying Space Requirements, Document Future Procedures.

How Does It Work?

What Leonardo Group Americas Does

  • Creates and maintains course materials.
  • Provides and maintains Learning Management System (LMS) platform.
  • Manages a Marketing Resource website for affiliates only.
  • Collects and disburses payments.

What an Affiliates Does

  • Promotes online courses and certification programs to their customers.
  • Collects 40% of revenue.
  • Provides consulting and other support services to their clients.

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What are the Products?

Mixed Model Line Design Live Workshop

A 3-day workshop hosted at Toyota Material Handling in Columbus, Indiana. Live workshops include plant tours, Q&As with Toyota Managers, and hands-on activities.

Mixed Model Material Management Live Workshop

The companion course to the Line Design workshop. This is also a 3-day workshop hosted at Toyota Material Handling that includes tours and talks with Toyota Managers.

Mixed Model Line Design Online Course

A 20-lesson course on designing the perfect Value Stream, with a focus on optimizing the work flow in a multi-product environment.

Mixed Model Material Management Online Course

An 18-lesson course on designing the perfect Material Delivery system. The companion course to Mixed Model Line Design.

Mixed Model Line Design Certification

Earn a professional certification in Mixed Model Line Design by passing an exam and completing a Line Design project.

Mixed Model Material Management Certification

Each a professional certification in Mixed Model Material Management by passing an exam and completing hands-on certification requirements.

Roadmap for the Lean Hospital Online Course

This course is aimed at the busy Lean Hospital Professional, providing tangible tools and knowledge in short lessons that will enable you to make substantial contributions to your Perioperative Services department.

Value Stream Mapping in the OR

This online course covers all of the elements of a Value Stream Analysis project, including the development of the Current State VSM, the application of Lean Thinking and the creation of improvement ideas or "Kaizen Bursts", the documenting of a time-phased Master Plan, and the drawing of a Future State Value Stream Map.

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate?

Earn Commissions

Earn Commissions

40% of sales.

Expand Your Market

Expand Your Market

Bring new skills to your customers.

Build Your Staff

Build Your Staff

Free access to online courses for your consultants.

Access Marketing Materials and Methods

Access Marketing Materials and Methods

Develop marketing with LGA.

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What Qualifications are Required to be an Affiliate?

Does Your Company Have:

  • Expertise in Lean Manufacturing?
  • An established customer base?
  • A willingness to learn and adopt Lean Design methods?

Do you want a new way to engage with your customers, and attract new ones?
Do you want to strengthen your own Lean skills?
Do you want to increase sources of revenue?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about consulting opportunities?

Any consulting work related to this training is 100% yours.

Are you willing to provide any live help?

Yes. We can help on live training or live consulting, on request.

Is this an informal or verbal agreement?

No. We will sign an Affiliate contract with you. The contract form will be provided once we both agree on moving forward.

What are the Performance Expectations?

If you have a territory we expect that you will enroll students. We understand that this takes time, so we will help you in any way we can to market the courses. In the end, it is your market and selling is up to you. We will hold a review at three, six, and nine months. By then, we should all know if the Affiliate relationship is working.

What is the pricing?

Pricing will be set individually by country, appropriate for your individual market. You get 40% of each student enrollment at the price charged.

I received an inquiry for a group contract or for consulting services from a company outside of my territory. What should I do?

If the inquiry is from one of your existing customers, you may pursue that opportunity. You should, however, notify LDI so that we can make sure that there are no conflicts with the local Affiliate.

If the inquiry is not from one of your existing customers, then the lead should be communicated to LDI, and then passed on to the local Affiliate for followup. 

Can I actively solicit business outside of my defined market?

No. Other than "organic" searches (which we can't control) you should not be actively soliciting or pursuing training or consulting work outside of your define territory for LDI-related services.

If someone from outside of my defined market finds us on the internet and enrolls in an online course, does the local Affiliate get a commission?

No. We can't control where people go on the internet, although we think that the changes of this happening are low. 


How do you track sales from our territory, and pay the affiliate percentage?

You will be provided with a unique URL for registration by your students, that contains your affliliate code. In that way we'll be able to track all students who enrolled through that link. Payment transfers will be made monthly to you, via the most economical method like PayPal.

If one of my customers requests consulting and I do not feel ready, what do I do?

What you do with the consulting opportunities is 100% up to you. If you want to take a consulting job but you are still developing your knowledge base, we can support you. Whether we charge you or not, will depend on how much you ask of us.

Does LGA provide marketing materials?

Yes. The website for the products will be constantly updated and improved and marketing materials will be made available to the Affiliate.  

Can I count on some help to close a deal?

Yes. Within our abilities we will help you close a deal. If you need us to get on the phone with you, or do a Skype/Webex session with your customer, we will do that to help you close a deal.

What about Marketing Help?

Let’s start here: They are your customers and it is your market, so it is best that you do the sales. We will gladly include your customers in our marketing campaigns, so they can benefit from other products like Graduate webinars, Free webinars, and Coaching sessions. Please, understand that our marketing campaigns are conducted in English. We will provide you with content for your website and will leave the translation to you. Any sales requests coming from your territory will be referred to the Affiliate.

So, if I sign up to be an Affiliate, can I use the Leonardo Group brand?

No. You retain your identity. You only represent Leonardo Group Americas as a distributor of the agreed-upon products. We will include you on our Affiliate page with a link to your website.

Are there any exceptions to the exclusivity in my territory?

We do have worldwide corporate customers. We work with many large trans-national corporations. If one of them is in your territory and they request a resource from Germany or the USA, we have to comply with their request. Depending on our level of confidence in the Affiliate, we may choose to introduce you to our customer and start to build the relationship. This will require a separate agreement and we can deal with that if it comes to pass.

How do I take the next step?

If you think that you can be successful at representing the MMLD and MMMM courses, and if you want to expand your Lean consulting practice, start by sending us an email or giving us a call. Here is our contact information:

Richard Rahn
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+1 (303) 494-4404 x706
Connect with me on Skype at rdrahn