Mixed Model Material Management Workshop

Hosted at Toyota Material Handling
Columbus, Indiana

$1,995 per seat
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This workshop includes factory tours of Toyota Material Handling, the #1 manufacturer of fork trucks in North America and winner of Assembly Magazine's Plant of the Year Award in 2011. See the concepts you learn in class put to action right before your eyes! As a special bonus, Toyota managers will also conduct additional Q&A sessions after the tours.


The focus of this workshop is to present all of the main material delivery methods and practices, with the goal of creating an optimized and sustainable material delivery system. An even flow of materials to the line is the key to high operator productivity, optimum inventory investment, floor space reduction, and on-time delivery.


Reduce shortages dramatically.

Reduce shortages dramatically.

Free up working capital by optimizing inventory.

Free up working capital by optimizing inventory.

Reduce factory floor space (by controlling inventory quantities).

Reduce factory floor space (by controlling inventory quantities).

Standardize your material delivery processes.

Standardize your material delivery processes.

Manage materials tightly in spite of high-mix challenges.

Manage materials tightly in spite of high-mix challenges.

Integrate outside suppliers on a pull system.

Integrate outside suppliers on a pull system.


"I really found the workshop relevant to the work I do for my company. The sharing of ideas between companies through exercises was invaluable to my efforts."
— Chad, Boeing

"Richard and Gerard are both great teachers. It is clear how well they understand the material and Lean Manufacturing in general. The tours were also a big plus as we could see concrete examples of the discussed material handling strategies."
— Murphy, Loop Supply Systems

"Very good information on Kanban and PFEP!! Anyone that works in materials, even if it isn't management, could benefit from this course."
— Heather, Cummins

Who Should Participate?

This workshop has been designed for anyone responsible for designing, implementing, or managing the material delivery system or supply chain for a Mixed Model production line based on Lean principles.

  • Material Managers
  • Material Delivery Specialists
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Supply-Chain Professionals

Day 1

Introduction to Material Flow Strategy

For most manufacturing companies, the opportunities for material management improvements are large. The workshop starts with an overview of this important topic.

Principles of Lean Material Flow

In this lesson you will develop a deep understanding of the optimum material delivery workflow and strategy.

Kanban Basics

Your job as the designer of a material delivery system is to know which tool to use. Kanban is a general term that refers to a variety of different pull signals, which will be examined one-by-one.

Kanban Signals

Kanban means “signal”, and the supermarket strategy for managing inventory and overcoming imbalances is an essential element of a Lean material management strategy.

Additional Signals

Kanban is not the only signaling method that will be used, and this lesson reviews to options available to a Material Flow designer.

Planned Material Quantities

One of the goals of Lean Material Flow is to balance material coverage (no shortages) with high inventory turns. In this lesson you will calculate optimum inventory levels for a variety of different items.

Day 2

Workstation Design

Material presentation is a integral part of optimum workstation design. In this lesson you will review basic objectives and examples, as well as look at some provocative new ways to deliver and present materials to an operator.

Storage Solutions

Physical storage of items, in a warehouse or supermarket, is a major consumer of space, working capital, and time. Physical stored needs to be design for optimum and efficient put-away and retrieval.

Overcoming Changeovers

A Material Flow Designer will need to partner with Manufacturing Engineering to design supermarkets and item quantities to overcome time lost through changeovers on machine parts.

Material Conveyance

The Material Flow designer will choose from a variety of Material Conveyance methods, from hand delivery to Automated Guidance Vehicles (AGVs).

Designing Delivery Routes

The philosophy of “frequent trips and light loads” will be accomplished through the design of your delivery routes. The establishment of Standard Work for material delivery is also applied in this step.

Part Profile

Every individual item that will be managed, both purchased and manufactured, will be documented in detail in the PFEP database.

Day 3


The Lean Material Flow strategy puts a strong emphasis on container standardization. The integration of containerization strategies with internal Kanban systems and outside supplies will be understood.

Design Principles

Material Flow designers use a “roadmap” or checklist, for consistency and completeness. In this lesson you will learn the 10 Key Design Principles.

Inventory Record Accuracy

A Lean Material Flow system will continue to use computer systems for planning and inventory control, and high inventory accuracy is a must.

Material Flow Leadership

The material delivery system needs continuous vigilance and management. In this important lesson we will review the methods and practices needed to ensure that your system is on a path of continual improvement.

Next Steps and Action Items

In this final lesson we will return to the Lean Material Management roadmap, and offer some final suggestions for productive next steps.

A3 Audit

Our goal at the end of the workshop is that every company will have an action plan for an immediate improvement at their home factory.

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